Vircos Leather Clothing


Vircos born in the 1982. The history of this company has developed around the CEO Aldo De Agnoi that after twenty years of experience gained in the best leading leather clothing, he has developed with passion and tenacity a range of services for the market.

In particular, the company provides the market for clothing and leather motorcycle.

Together with client companies the company designing collections with particular attention to materials and fit. All this to produce collections tailored to drivers or teams for various business needs.

The mission of the VIRCOS SERVICE is satisfy all market requirements with care and passion of those who love and believe in your work... day after day.


Experience Vircos ensure the implementation of model in line with current fashion, creating patterns of sportswear and elegant at the same time tecnologically advanced.

A creative Team accompanies the production department in creating step by step solutions made design study phase of the garment.

Thanks to tecnology and new variety of excellent quality leather we are able to provide the utmost care in planning and implementation.


Vircos Service "research as the starting point for a good quality product".

A quality product has always been a driving force as the skin, either natural or technological processes to ensure a modern use in clothing.

The VIRCOS Services includes in its know-how, extensive experience in research of tanneries and technical solutions to meet your needs.


Vircos Service "The difference? - Experience"

The costruction of models is performed both with the traditional method is by CAD, thereby ensuring the "modern" design techniques proper fit.


Vircos Service "innovation and the eye to detail"

Tailoring internal staff to develop prototypes with daily care and experience craft. An internal research can provide the best solutions to fit, and able to make products where the quality of the costruction makes the difference.

technique for the production

Vircos Service "The right product for every need"

The service production of VIRCOS Services uses internal sources to ensure quality tailoring and attention to detail.


Leather suits for individuals and team

The service package on measure offer all users the ability to have a leader with great fit, as the drivers overalls of MotoGP. The service is avaible at our facility, where qualified staff will take your measurements and adapt parts of the head for you. It also allows you to customize the suit is in the model, colors and logos (sponsor, driver name etc...). While maintaining yhe highest safety in terms of security, all at an affordable price because we are producing!