Inspired by the wind

€ 2.790,00

Inspired by the wind

€ 2.790,00

Created to realise an ambition of what could be achieved in motorcycle leather suits, to offer the opportunity for you to own a suit you can’t normally obtain… a bespoke racing prototype.

Inspired by the wind, the fastest element in nature, led by obsessive research into the finest materials on earth, combined together and scientifically shaped to perfection.
In 2019 the Vircos development team started to think about a suit which would actively reduce the stress on a rider’s body while riding at the edge.

The research was aimed at delivering pure performance. Reducing the stress required to maintain the optimum position on the bike in extreme racing conditions and thereby automatically increasing bike control, lap time and safety.


The Vircos V372 is designed and manufactured in Italy at the Vircos R&D center.


The V372 is made of genuine kangaroo leather BIO TANNED, 100% chrome free.
The Chromium metal – potentially dangerous for contamination of people and the environment – has been substituted by Vegetable and Synthetic tannins.


This premium professional suit is equipped with Level 2 protectors for shoulders, elbows, knees and hips. It is also equipped with an integrated and CE certified Level 1 chest protector.


After exhaustive research and selection we have chosen some new solutions to increase the protective performance of the new V372 suit. Skudo Net fibre has been used around the shoulder and knees to double the resistance to tear and abrasion in these critical areas. The secondary layer of the whole of the back of the suit is now made of E-Suede an extremely light ecological leather very resistant to abrasion.


Developed during specific wind-tunnel tests with professional riders this new line of protectors is designed to reduce aerodynamic resistance as well as the resistance of the protectors on the riders’ body.


We have added multiple stretch panels in key points of the suit.
The panels at the side of the chest were designed to allow for the inflation of the airbag and, similarly, the panels on the hips were designed for compatibility with the new Tech-Air 10.
On the back and on the shoulders we have panels designed to give the rider complete freedom of movement on the bike.
All the panels have been carefully considered to be as small as is possible while optimising functionality, aerodynamics and weight.


Together with the Vircos Shield 2 shoulder and knee moulds and the new Elbow Sliders 2 we also developed a new Aero Hump, following extensive testing and research at the wind tunnel.
The new shape ensures a measurable increase of the aerodynamic performance of the motorcycle + suit package.
In addition the new hump is 150% lighter than the previous generation and is designed to work perfectly with either the Tech-Air RACE or the Tech-Air 10.


Developed through our experience in MotoGP, this solution is extremely simple but very effective in increasing your feeling of the bike while riding.
The new knee grip – made of 4 independent elements – will give superior traction on the fuel tank, giving you a more precise feeling and consequently making your ride safer and more enjoyable.


The Vircos 372 is compatible with the Vircos Hydrobag 750. During the hottest sessions at the race track a drop of water can be a life saver!

Vircos V372 is compatible with two different airbag technologies from Alpinestars: Tech-Air RACE and Tech-Air 10.

Delivered from Alpinestars participation in MotoGp, Tech-Air 10 is a slim, self-contained wearable Airbag System that offers unrivalled body protection to racers, track day riders, and road riders by covering the rider’s shoulders, chest, full back and hips.

The result of over a decade of development in MotoGP and following on from Alpinestars’ first-generation racing airbag system and the launch of the ground-breaking Tech-Air® Street, this latest version of Alpinestars Tech-Air® technology brings full upper body protection to serious track day and performance riders.

The Tech-Air® Race is completely self-contained, meaning there are no bike-to-rider set-up configurations required, which ensures the ultimate in convenience, freedom and versatility.

When fully inflated, the system’s airbag offers critical protection to the back, kidneys, chest and shoulders. Plus, with a simple upgrade the versatile system firmware, the Race system can be configured to run the Tech-Air® Street setting for non-race use in road and off-road situations. The Tech-Air®Race vest must be used in a Tech-Air®Compatible garment

Vircos V372 is AAA Certified.

What does that mean?
Wearing a Vircos suit from the Bespoke Racing Gear line doesn’t just mean wearing the motorcycle suit you really want – it means wrapping yourself in a fully-fledged safety device.
You can rest assured though, that before it ever reaches you our MotoGP and Superbike riders have already tested it; in addition to it being fully certified in a series of demanding lab tests that mimic real world crashes.

Standards are made to be beaten. Motorsport is always a challenge, for each rider personally before you even think about your opponents.
In Vircos we approached the CE certification standards with the same attitude, challenging ourselves to reach the highest possible standard. But, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s break it down in order…

What does it mean for a suit to be certified?
To answer this question first we have to step back to definitions and classifications. Leather suits are certified as PPE – Personal Protective Equipment.
This makes it fall under a similar category to your helmet, or even a work uniform – if you have one. As such it is an object designed and engineered to protect the wearer from risk. In the same way a fireman’s uniform protects from the risk of fire a motorcycle suit protects from the risk that arises from riding a motorbike.

Since December 21st 1989 – in regard to the regulation 89/686/CEE – every leather suit or more general motorcycle garment was supposed to be CE certified; but, in reality, most of the motorcycle clothing industry ignored this obligation.

It was common for companies to put out garments that contained CE certified protectors but with the garment itself not certified and tested.

This happened because the old CE regulation (the EN 13595) was too restrictive – in the sense that it was mainly written for functional work garments, such as police leather trousers and jackets – and not ever really optimised or orientated to the leather suits produced for racing.
To make something that was practical, comfortable and useable for a racer, within the standard was almost not possible.
So, the standard EN 13595 existed – but was largely ignored.

Despite this, at Vircos we did a have a model of race suit (The Vircos AIR-GAP) that was certified to this standard. We made it as a challenge to ourselves, that we wanted to explore to show the level of our products, even against such a difficult standard.

With the introduction of the new regulation EN 17092 however, the motorcycle industry as a whole needed to change its view.
With a new harmonised standard, which works across multiple disciplines, all garments are supposed to be certified.
It’s a very different story when every single aspect of the garment is considered (and then tested) against its aim to protect the user. Every seam, every material, every mould – all aspects of the construction of the suit – are tested again and again in a lab, to ensure they meet the standards.

Back to the way we approach the CE certification…

The regulation divides motorcycle garments into different classes:

  • Class AAA Garments: Highest level of protection from impact and abrasion.
  • Class AA Garments: Protection from impact and abrasion.
  • Class A Garments: Minimum necessary degree of protection from impact and abrasion.
  • Class B Garments: Designed to provide equivalent abrasion protection of Class A but without impact protectors.
  • Class C Garments: Impact protectors ensemble garment.

As we only make leather suits for racing of course we had our eye on the highest standard of EN 17092 – but this wasn’t enough; we wanted to beat these standards, performing way beyond the base requirements.
For example:
The traction resistance for the seams in one of our suits is up to 145% tighter than the required norm of the highest standard of EN 17092 AAA.
Only Scholler Kevlar is used on our suits, because the tear resistance of that specific material is up to 5 times higher than the required standard of EN17092 AAA.

How can I check if my garment is CE Certified?
In every CE Certified garment you will find a label stating that it is CE certified. In addition to the label there will be a booklet which explains the class and level of certification. Also in this booklet is the information of a special website where you can request the DoC – the Declaration of Conformity – of the product.

No DoC means it’s not certified!
If you’ve been reading this article for a while, congratulations! We know this sort of thing isn’t as sexy as a picture of a MotoGP rider mid-corner, but it’s a hugely important part of our job, so we thank you for reading it and getting properly informed.

If you have any questions regarding certification our CUSTOMER CARE department is available to answer any questions you have. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask if you want to.

The new Vircos V372


Every Bespoke Vircos suit is guaranteed to last.
Every component and stitching is guaranteed for 2 years time.


As a made to measure product a Vircos suit has to fit you 100%.
That’s why our company provides you a full fitting warranty.

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