Do you feel at home while racing? Ask Vircos Home of Racers

Call it a truck, call it hospitality, or call it an on-track-assistance service. We call it Home of Racers.

That’s right: our trucks can be whatever you want, but we like the idea of them being a home for you. After all, every day spent in the paddock is a bit of a tour de force.
Super early wake up calls, competitive tension permeating all waking hours, spare parts quickly and carefully assembled, post-race discussions to improve your performance. That sure is fun, but it is also a commitment. A mental and physical commitment.

Motorists do not live solely by the engine: you need an extra something on the track; like help, a place to rest and technical advice. Most of all, you need reliability.

3 must-haves on the paddock

Anything can happen during a race. The track could be wet, the weather may be treatrous, the heat may be grueling, the unexpected may happen at any given moment. This is why having a team that offers assistance and information directly in the paddock is essential. But what are the real must-haves for the race?

  1. An assistance lab
  2. Service from competent and experienced professionals
  3. A team of technicians at your disposal

As you know, Vircos trucks have been designed to offer all of these services to riders. Over the years, we have researched the best way to help you.

We have installed sewing machines that allow us to repair your suits on the spot, we installed dryers, an ozonation machine, a service lab developed to take care of your tech-airbags. Moreover, all the necessary equipment to assist the pilots during race weekends: we can take care of Vircos suits, Tech-Air Alpinestars products, and all accessories.

Your home on the track

One question still remains: why did we call our truck Home of Racers? We did so because we think that, in addition to technical services, it is very important to offer something more to pilots. Beyond precision and care for assistance, there’s the time we love to spend with you. Time we want to spend with the racers. During, before and after the races.

To spend a few hours together comfortably, or to talk about the future of the world of racing, or to show you all our news and discuss it with you, we have implemented our truck with a perfectly equipped and fully visitable showroom.

Ask us anything you want: our team will be available all day. That’s what we are here for.

And finally, a home worthy of the name must offer some kind of refreshment, right? Don’t you worry about that: our showroom bar is waiting for you. Let’s have a glass and spend a few hours analyzing the progress of the race, the championship, or studying how your suits reacted under stress, and how you think we can improve it for you.

Your opinions are vital to us.

One last thing: sharing time with you is important, it is fundamental. Yet, we wouldn’t be the professionals we believe we are if we weren’t offering an office service just as good as that of … let’s say a more stationary company.

Our office is our engine: there we can arrange appointments, discuss technical problems and talk business.

We like going fast, we like working, we like to have fun. We love moto racing.