Following suit: understanding which Vircos suit is best for you.

Whether it is your first dig at a made to measure suit, or you are looking to replace your previous one: at Vircos we have three different types of suits to choose from before starting the customization process.

Vircos racing suits: remote to measure

Your next favorite racing suit measured & delivered at your own home address!

Vircos on tour in 2023: meeting you outside of our office.

Service does not stop at our doorstep, as our team is out and about visiting racetracks around the world throughout the racing service. And we’re happy to provide you with the same service our racers receive straight from the paddock.

The seven principles of Vircos

At Vircos we are driven by a passion for motorsports. We love it, and it motivates us to continuously improve our products to make sure we meet and exceed the expectations of the best motorcycle racers in the world. But although we are driven by passion, we are steered by values. Or better, our seven principles. Get under our skin by understanding what these principles are, and what they mean to us. In no particular order.

Science behind the suit

Vircos Made To Measure Suits: The ins and outs of your next favorite racing suit. If you are of the opinion that “a suit is a suit”, it might be best not to continue reading. If however you wish to understand the nitty-gritty of what it takes to make the best suits in the world, you came to the right place. Get ready to learn about the science behind our suits. Or even better: your next suit.