Welcome to Vircos, where we combine your creativity with decades of craftmanship. Thanks to our dedication to technological innovations and our love for design we create suits that not only reflects your personal style, but looks exactly like you want your next favorite suit to look like. We welcome you into the Vircos family, and we are happy to make you our next #vircosrider.

Normally we aren’t comfortable talking about ourselves, we are focused on racing and on finding new ways of meeting the needs of our riders.
Riders – and not only professional riders… – you are all pilots of motorcycles with a racing soul. This is how we think of you!
If you have come to our website it is because maybe you already understand our commitment to the motorcycle community, our dedication for serving it and now you want to know more.

Here is our history…

Audacity, passion and a forward thinking attitude. The prize of a revolution lead by Aldo De Agnoi.