Frequently Asked Questions

With decades of experience in serving the consumer directly anywhere around the world, we have created a structure that allows us to help you with anything and everything related to your Vircos suit. With a list of frequently asked questions as shown below we can often answer most concerns directly, but if your answer is not in the list we are here for you. Contact us directly via our contact details, or come around and meet us in any of the paddocks we are active in with our racing service.


There are at least 4 different ways to get a Vircos suit. You can come and visit us in our showroom; you can participate in one of the Vircos on Tour events; you can order it directly from home with the direct support of one of our technicians or you can visit the shop of our pilot and friend Michele Pirro, Store 51 at inside the Misano circuit.
Find out at this link the way to order that suits you best.

Absolutely yes, once ready you can pick up your suit at our showroom, at a Vircos on Tour event or at Store 51 in Misano.

Of course, we can ship them all over the world.

The suit is shipped directly from the Vircos headquarters in Italy where it is produced.

Depending on the territory in which you are located and your needs, we use different shipping methods.
All shipments are insured for their full value.

Depending on the type of shipment chosen and the territory, the time varies from 24h up to a maximum of 5 working days from the day of shipment.

Yes, at the time of shipment, our system or the technician who followed you will take care to send you a notification of shipment and the relative number for tracking.

Contact the technician who helped you or customer care immediately, we will update you on the status of your shipment straight away.


If the fit of the suit does not satisfy you in one or more of its aspects, you have no reason to worry!
Vircos bespoke suits are covered by a wearability guarantee valid for 6 months from the time of collection of your suit, therefore any changes necessary will be included at no cost to you.

In the event of a change in physical form due to weight gain or loss or in general a change in your physical proportions due to any circumstance, in most cases that can be remedied. A technician will evaluate the specific case and recommend the best choice for you.
Fitness changes are never covered form fit guarantee.

No, in the event of a change in physical form, the warranty is void. Don’t worry, in most cases it is possible to adapt the suit to your new needs.


The outer surface of a Vircos bespoke suit is made of Leather and Kevlar.
The leather can be of your choice – cow or kangaroo – for both we are implementing a new tanning technique called “BioTanned” this new process allows you to 100% exclude chromium metal, which is potentially dangerous for people and the environment; replacing it with vegetable and synthetic tanning agents.
Schoeller’s Kevlar guarantees exceptional tear and abrasion resistance performance as opposed to the many ‘Kevlar-like’ materials on the market which, similar in appearance, do not guarantee adequate performance.

All the protectors used for the production of Vircos tailored exceed CE Level 2 certification for impact protection.

Absolutely yes! Although we have unfortunately come to know that someone is questioning the originality and genuineness of our creations, we are here to confirm that our suits are ALL made in Italy in our laboratory in Sandrigo (VI).
If you want to know more, visit our Vircos Lab section.

A tailored Vircos suit fits exactly how you want! In fact, we do not impose a Vircos brand fitting but we discuss with our pilots (because this is what we call all our clients) which fitting they prefer by creating it together with them. Obviously by fixing the facets essential to the safety of the product.

You can select one of our models, the Vircos V372, the Vircos Veloce, the Vircos RACER3 or the Vircos Talento and customize the colors. You can consult our color chart to see the available leather colours and select the combination you like best.
You can also add all your logos, you can do this directly from the online configurator or with the advice of a specialized technician.
You can also create patterns to be printed on the sleeves or legs to make the customisation of your suit as extensive as in MotoGp.

Yes, our graphics department is available to create a logo for you for your name, number or a custom pattern to print.

Yes, Vircos tailored suits are certified according to current regulations. Scrolling through the pages of this site you will find all the information regarding each individual model. If you want to learn more about the subject, you will also find a more generic section explaining the processes and the meaning of certificate and certification.


Yup! By virtue of a partnership started in 2018, the Vircos tailored suits are compatible with the Alpinestars Tech-Air RACE and Tech-Air 5 airbag systems.
The Vircos models were conceived by the Vircos design office and subsequently tested together with Alpinestars to check the correct incorporation of the airbag system inside the suit and the correct inflation of the system itself.

No, not only with regard to the suits made by Vircos but as a general rule, it is a good idea to carefully choose the suit/airbag system combination, always ensuring you are buying products designed to work together.