One of a kind

We take pride in every suit that leaves the Vircos premises. Because behind every suit is a rider, and behind every rider there is a story. Whether you made it into the pinnacle of motorsports by achieving your lifetime dream riding in MotoGP, or your passion for motorcycles has turned you into a trackday enthusiast: your suit is going to be one of a kind and produced with the same attention to detail as any of our suits.
Because we share the passion that every Vircosrider has running through his or her veins, we don’t take your purchase lightly. Find out all about how your suit is treated with the attention it deserves, and how your purchase confirms our promise: own a truly unique, one of a kind racing suit.

Motorsport is a world created out of passion.
Within that, your passion deserves the maximum amount of transparency and fairness possible.

As a brand, company to customer oriented, we pride ourselves on the privilege of knowing the names of every rider that has decided to protect themselves in a Bespoke Vircos leather suit.

Because of this, we know the stories behind each and every one of them.
We know that riding or racing a motorcycle for them is a passion and, for most of them, the best thing on earth. It’s fun, it’s an achievement, it’s sharing good time with good friends, it’s adrenaline, and it’s a sensation of having found their place in the world.

We know as well, that there is a large responsibility that comes with the privilege of having such a unique and deep knowledge of our customers.
It is the responsibility for being part of such an important aspect of their life, for this reason we are responsible for providing absolute uniqueness in the purchase experience, transparency in all of the process, and a 100% ethical product that is long-lasting and that has a reasonable price.